Grow your command

"While a person can grow and develop, they need the support of a community to validate and support their insights."
Dr. Kazimierz Gozdz

Adaptive Leader

An individual marked by an even greater expansion to embrace all people and use their power to develop others. This person is humble and recognizes their competency is not enough and that we must look outside ourselves. Typically an adaptive leader demonstrates the ability to seek diverse perspectives that challenge growth and development; recognizes enduring values, virtues, and purpose of an organization; is greater than oneself; and questions rigid belief systems.

Character Development

This is the continuous development of an inner disposition and aspiration for excellence in service to something greater than oneself that exhibits itself through purposeful, principled and disciplined dedication to outward actions that embody the highest ideals expressed in the Navy ethic and core values.

Professional Development

The purpose of this website is to deliver material and resources with a common goal of enriching and enhancing character development. These resources afford leaders an innovative opportunity to continue their efforts to grow our Profession as individuals, units, and commands.

Community Development

Learning that enlarges one’s worldview becoming more whole, complex, and more fully developed to deliver Navy objectives. This growth is transformational in the sense we need to change our minds and ways of thinking in order to accomplish goals. Community development has both individual and groups making themselves bring forth new perspectives and encourage new possibilities as well as draw inspiration from within and beyond themselves.

Cognitive Development

  • Self-transforming mind.
  • Cultivates innovation.
  • Connects to knowing.
  • Comfort with ambiguity.
  • Entrepreneurialism.
  • Operate intent through trust, empowerment, and understanding.
  • Embrace change.
  • Readily handles adaptive challenges.
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Professional Development

  • Guardian of the Navy Core Values.
  • Exemplar of the Navy.
  • Steward of the Navy Profession.
  • Conveys highest standards of Service with strength, determination, and dignity.
  • Manages identity.
  • Integrates intention and action.
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Community Development

  • Embraces forward-thinking, strategic perspective.
  • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence.
  • Leads from emerging future.
  • Leads purpose and vision.
  • Leads with a global strategic mindset.
  • Manages learning community.
  • Manages through structures.
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