Grow your team

"The discipline of team learning involves mastering the practices of dialogue and discussion."
Peter Senge

Exemplar Leader

An individual in pursuit of excellence characterized by fairness, decency and respect for others. Stability is a principal value and routinely succeeds in their organizational goals because they value others. Typically an exemplar leader is agenda driven, has their own compass, has their own frames of reference, and is independent and a problem solver.

Character Development

This is the continuous development of an inner disposition and aspiration for excellence in service to something greater than oneself that exhibits itself through purposeful, principled and disciplined dedication to outward actions that embody the highest ideals expressed in the Navy ethic and core values.

Cognitive Development

This is learning that supports leaders to be inclusive at all levels, to be engaged and push beyond best practices. Cognitive development transforms our worldview, our mindset, as well as our ego and self-concept. This development supports movement from rigid beliefs and conformity to comfort with ambiguity allowing for adaptive and creative solutions.

Technical Leader Development

Growth and development that entails adding knowledge, skills, and capabilities to support practical aspects of performance management. This growth has aspects of traditional learning which means it is informative yet it also looks to stretch one’s range of capability and awareness for improving organizational functionality.

Character Development

  • Infuses Navy Core Values in command culture.
  • Moral arbiter for the command.
  • Exercises discernment and acts boldly and prudently.
  • Embraces authority, responsibility and accountability of command.
  • Connects with others – empathy.
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Cognitive Development

  • Self-authoring mind.
  • Able to harness creative power of the organization.
  • Readily provides clarity in the face of complexity and ambiguity.
  • Inspires engagement and leads change.
  • Role model courage, candor and integrity in the face of change.
  • Growth mindset role model.
  • Agility and adaptability.
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Technical Development

  • Command leader.
  • Builds effective teams.
  • Financial acumen.
  • Manages development.
  • Optimizes work processes.
  • Advocates.
  • Designs and manages systems.
  • Directs work.
  • Ensures accountability.
  • Manages all four quadrants.
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