Having the Conversation

When is the last time you had a conversation on leadership...or ethics...with your wardroom....mess...crew?

How did it go?

What did they say?

What did you talk about?

We spend good time at NLEC getting command level leaders warmed up to the idea of simply "having the conversation" - fostering the notion of "leaders engaging leaders".

Opinions on good leadership are easy to come by. However, starting a conversation on topics such as ethics may not be as forthcoming and can be down right "messy".

But that's OK! We don't have to be an ethics expert to have the conversation. But have it we must.

The most recent post from Edgar Schein's Culture University entitled "Conversations that Count: a mechanism for culture change" gets to the heart of every day conversations and their impact on organizational culture.

Now...about that ethics conversation...

The attached article "Six Key Principles for Ethical Leadership" from the World Economic Forum is a quick place to start. No Aristotle, no Kant, no Sartre....just six key principles that can be practiced every day to keep the conversation alive.

Leaders engaging leaders...